Animal Guide: Badger goes deep with us and shares our story

This month’s animal wisdom comes from the badger, who will soon be coming out of hibernation.  The badger is one of the animals related to Brigid.  The badger is a loner who does not relate well with others so he communicates through stories.  He is said to be the keeper of knowledge and light.

01-28-18A_badger_in_its_hole_(colored)A quick digger who resides underground, Badger sees “beneath the surface of all people and things,” according to the book Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews.  He is also bold and ferocious which makes him a stalworth guide to give you courage as you go deep to heal your inner teenager.  “Calling on the badger energy will supposedly allow the healing to penetrate deeper into the system,” says Trish Phillips in her article on Pure Spirit: Animal Communications and Behavior Solutions.

The loner aspect of the badger supports our inner teen in her efforts to be self reliant.  Badger teaches us to be comfortable with ourselves, the ultimate goal of going deep to work through our issues. We can call on him for the courage to stand out from the crowd with fierce confidence and courage.

Badger never surrenders.  In this way, he helps us “stick to a project and never give up.”  I am certainly invoking Badger right now as I burn the midnight oil to bring my blog to fruition. Animal Speak also tells us that “Whenever the badger shows up, there are opportunities to develop self expression and reliance.  It is time to tell a new story about yourself and your life.”  There couldn’t be a better time to make Badger’s acquaintance and embrace the opportunity to

Badger encourages us to fearlessly shout our new story to the world
Badger encourages us to fearlessly shout our new story to the world


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