Last Night’s Meditation: Believing in Magic — Toni-Ann La-Crette

Last night I didn’t even need to formally sit for this message to come through – it visited me as I went through my daily routine. I had one of those days where I tidied and got on with mundane chores, perfect activites for inducing a meditative state. What came to me as I lay […]... Continue Reading →


Freeing All the Parts of Me!

Considering the Global Sisterhood's September theme of Abundant Self Care got me thinking about how women, and mothers in particular, have a tendency to put themselves last.  I had many false beliefs about b ecoming a mother, most of which were subconscious.  I thought I had to hang up my mantels of maiden, wild woman,... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day

I'm not sure if it is a commentary of society or simply my life that I never heard of International Women's Day until last year.  I was a bit shocked and embarrassed to learn that it had only been over 100 years!! This year International Women's day feels like a huge celebration to me because... Continue Reading →

Animal Guide: Cougar Leaps into Action

This month's animal guide came to me through direct personal experience.  As a volunteer at a sanctuary specializing in big cats, I learned that the cougar is the biggest cat that can purr and not roar.  If you can imagine a 7 foot 140-pound cat rolling on it's back and purring, it's quite a sight! ... Continue Reading →

Never Not Broken.

Still feeling the struggle while trying to relax into the waning energy of this Disseminating moon while still feeling the resistance...I have to post on my blog, care for my children, do my best at work.  Messages are coming through, but I'm having trouble focusing on them and figuring out which ones are for now... Continue Reading →

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